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Shimano Clarus CSS66MH2D

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Hey all - Great forum site!  My first post here.


I starting fishing again after being away from the sport for too many years.  On my first day back, I was lucky to catch a 3+ pound, 17-18" smallmouth on a plastic.  My adult son witnessed the fun!  Needless to say...we are hooked better than that fish!!  Good to be back fishing...!!


I am upgrading my tackle.  Recent purchases include bait-casting / spinning reels and rods (carbon/graphite, MH, fast action, 7ft).  I will be bank fishing mostly for bass in local lakes, reservoirs and rivers. 


I am considering purchase of a Shimano Clarus CSS66MH2D (spinning rod, fast, MH, 6'6", 30 ton graphite blanks, 2 pc).  Looking at this length for ease of casting from the banks but will also eventually use it from a boat in the future.  This model seems to be general-purpose.  I will be throwing a variety of baits (plastics/worms/crawfish/Ned-rigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swim jigs, etc., 3/8 oz +)  Looking for a spinning rod in this length/weight/stiffness/price-range with a decent size grip in front of the reel.  Ideally, I want a fairly stiff, fast action rod with a tip sensitive enough for a variety of baits/techniques.  Most of the fishing will be in or next to the grass/weeds for bass.  I'm going for a general purpose rod for now and expect future rod/reel purchases for more specific applications.


I am comparing this Shimano to the Fenwick HMX66MH-FS-2Both rods have similar specs.  While there are good reviews for the Fenwick, there were several complaints about rods breaking mid-length and near the tips.  Reviews seemed more favorably consistent for this Shimano model.  Both rods retail for the same $$ which is a price-point I'd prefer at this time.  I will be using this rod with 2000/3000 series spinning reels.


I can't find either rod in local shops for hands-on evaluation.  I will order on-line and hope to avoid returns.  I may also consider this Shimano model/specs in a 6'6" bait-casting rod for bank fishing.


Appreciate opinions on these models regarding uses, action and durability.  Thanks all!







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Shimano rods give you an excellent value in bang for your buck. 


I used to to have the similar casting version (it was an M power) but it got lost. I do have the compre’s parallel rod, a 2-piece MH 6’6” MH rod and I love this rod. It gets more use than my “bass” rods because of its 2-piece trait. 


The clarus you have in mind has a decent blank and more than adequate guides. I always note guides when I look at rods. For the most part, I prefer some type of aluminum oxide guide for me to even consider and the clarus sports such guides if I’m not mistaken. 


Shimanos clarus and compre models are extremely underrated and usually below the radar for many of us bass anglers because the models of Shimano rods above them appear to be more appealing. 


In in terms of bang for the buck and functionality, the clarus line is a solid and excellent choice that is more than adequate for bass fishing. It definitely fits the bill of an all purpose rod. 


The only things you need to do now is get it and go fishing. 



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Welcome aboard!


shimano clarus are a very decent stick for the price point. There are not the most sensitive rods out there but are certainly as good as any rod in that range. I would consider a 7 footer rather than a 6'6 as you would be compromising distance for no reason. If you are going to look at fenwicks, you might want to consider the HMG as they are a tad more expensive than the HmX but with better warranty.


other rods i would consider:


okuma evx

Dobyns colt

shimano compre

st-croix triumph

daiwa aird x


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Hey all - Thanks for the replies and suggestions.  I'll consider the options.  Thanks!

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And so it begins......

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