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Loxahatchee Preserve

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Saturday 11/10/18

Lox Road ramps

Sunny clear sky

wind 2-4

Hot as hell, and humid

W/T 81*

No current


Went with a friend and ran west to the second cut to the flat.  We started fishing with a chatterbait and a spoon.  We fished the grasses with little result.  I switched to a fluke and pick up some 12 inch bass quickly.  Threw to a clump of sawgrass and there was a big explosion and a big boil of water.  Set the hook and she took me around the clump and the lure came back ripped in half.  Things slowed as the sun got high.  I switched to a stick-o and picked a few more up in the shade of the vegetation.  We ended up with 10 bass boated and fat Oscar.  By 11:00 A.M we were both done with the hot humid air with no breeze at all.  Tough day, but with cloud cover I'm sure the fishing would have picked up.  Without cloud cover they bury down in that thick bottom cover, and it is everywhere.  Still better then staying home.

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Thanks for the report!!!Last time I was out there they a big construction project and pumping alot alot of water which stirred up the bottom,the water in the canal looked terrible and vegeation floating around in the middle of the canals,is that still like that out there?Thanks!!!

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Construction is done.  They cleared out all their equipment.

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Thanks for the report as always geo.  Only have a couple hours tomorrow morning so going to try the alley briefly.  Will be back out fishing the Lox flats Sunday and will report back.  


Was out there a couple of weekends ago and had similar results.  Both Sat and Sun were tough.  Caught 12 between the two days.  7 on watermelon/gold flukes, 3 on swimbait and 2 on rabbit frogs.  None were over 2lbs.  I did have a big girl on for about 5 seconds until her first jump.  I didn’t get a very hook set and she threw my ribbit.  Can always speculate on the size but she was a nice fish.  After a bit of cursing I continued on with my trip.  Good luck out there this weekend boys!

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