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The turtle knows...

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After seemingly endless days of heat and humidity or rain today was a beautiful day. The temperature was in the low 60's with a slight breeze, perfect for a light flannel shirt, jeans, and a little bank fishing.


After breaking my slump yesterday I was at a new spot and working the T-rigged Senko. I was working a narrow cove that opened out to some deeper water where the local fishing club had previously dumped Christmas trees near the point entering the cove. It's usually a decent spot to fish but I was having no luck working the bait so I decided to cast and dead stick it for a while.


Ten seconds later my line starts moving so I reel down and get ready to set the hook. But I didn't feel the telltale wriggling movements of a fish swimming off with the bait. I was pretty sure it was a turtle, so I reeled gently instead of setting the hook. The line went limp as I reeled it in, but when I pulled it out of the water my Senko was no longer Texas rigged. Something - the turtle - had snipped my Senko near the tie off and I now had a wacky rigged Senko.


I figured "what the heck" and tossed my newly set up wacky rig and wouldn't you know it - on that first cast I landed my first fish of the day. It was a dink, but it was a start. It turned out to be a decent day (especially after slumping for a while) although everything I caught was under two pounds. But I'll take it.


I rarely throw a wacky rig, but thanks to that turtle I threw it today and it produced.

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