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Where to sell and how to market

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I think I'm going to sell my custom-built AR in 6.8mm.  


There's nothing wrong with the caliber or getting ammo or anything, but I just don't shoot like I thought I was going to - fishing has kinda taken over that spot and the lack of a good range close to where I live is another.


I've called around to places and they aren't interested in non-5.56 or 7.62 ARs, especially custom builds like mine.  


So my question for you folks is as the title states - where do you think is a good place to put it up for sale?  GunBroker, armslist, somewhere else?


The gun also makes a dandy hunting rifle once you put an optic on it.  6.8 is a lot like the .270 Winchester - same diameter bullet but lighter bullets, typically.


How should I market it?  As a hunting rifle?  Target rifle (that's what I was going to use it as)?  Something else?


I also know I'm not going to get anywhere near what I paid for it, so I'm figuring about half is what I might get at best, despite having barely used it.


Appreciate your input folks!

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