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Where to sell and how to market

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I think I'm going to sell my custom-built AR in 6.8mm.  


There's nothing wrong with the caliber or getting ammo or anything, but I just don't shoot like I thought I was going to - fishing has kinda taken over that spot and the lack of a good range close to where I live is another.


I've called around to places and they aren't interested in non-5.56 or 7.62 ARs, especially custom builds like mine.  


So my question for you folks is as the title states - where do you think is a good place to put it up for sale?  GunBroker, armslist, somewhere else?


The gun also makes a dandy hunting rifle once you put an optic on it.  6.8 is a lot like the .270 Winchester - same diameter bullet but lighter bullets, typically.


How should I market it?  As a hunting rifle?  Target rifle (that's what I was going to use it as)?  Something else?


I also know I'm not going to get anywhere near what I paid for it, so I'm figuring about half is what I might get at best, despite having barely used it.


Appreciate your input folks!

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Don't market it as a target rifle for sure. The 6.8 is widely know as a close distance hunting, self defense gun.


Also don't market with anything about 270 Winchester in the add. That will kill your sale chances because anyone who will be looking for one already knows it does not compare too a true 270 chambered rifle.


Your idea of the price is inline, it's a buyers market right now. That and you said custom build. To most guys when they read custom build and no name of a top end gunsmith or shop that tells them home build and that kills your resale value.


I'm trying to sell a 6.5 grendel I'm not useing at less then have of what it cost me to build and I can't get it sold because I built it and it wasn't built by some shop or company. And I used very top shelf parts throw out the gun.

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This may be a tough sell, but nothing sells weapons faster than politicians talking about restricting them.......Give it a few months and the HORs may help in that regard  😔

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Too bad you didn't build it as a 6.5 Creedmoor, they are much more popular, a 6.8 greatly limits the market.  Great for hogs and close range deer rifle or personal defense but most had rather have the 5.56 or 7.62 for heavy fire power and kinda shy away from the in between stuff.   As mentioned, since it's not a name brand, that's a turn off to most.  Then you look at the fact you can buy whole ARs now for less than what a good barrel cost, it's going to take that special person to even want to buy it, and yep, you will loose a bunch.  My son just bought a 5.56 AR for his son for $356, and friend of his owns a range and has FFL so it didn't cost him anything to transfer it',  Hard to compete against something like that.

Unless you just need the money, I would just put it away.  As mentioned, it's getting to be popular in the northeastern  states to ban them anyway.

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