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Eco-Popper Red Head Lure with Live HD Video

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For only $239 at WalMart. You can get two! :) 



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You posted the picture but didn't go into what it's all about. The reason I say this is that just today I was think that as someone who fishes from the bank it would be pretty cool if I had a castable camera to see what's under the surface. This crazy looking Eco Popper is actually a lure / camera that allows you to see what's going on in the water.


I watched a few videos on this and there are three ways to use it. Some take the hooks off and use it as a scout camera. That actually interests me the most. Yeas, it would be great to see where the fish are, but I fish mainly featureless lagoons from the bank. This camera could help show me the structure beneath the surface.


The second was is to fish it as a regular popper. But this thing is big and heavy (2.5 oz) and you would definitely need a heavy setup. I'm sure some fish would bite it, but it may be a dud as a lure.


The third way is to take off the hooks, then run a line off of the back and attach a crankbait or other lure so you can get video of a fish hitting your trailer lure. That might be appealing to some.


Anyway, I saw this and the GoFish Cam and I think that would be a nice tool to use when fishing from the bank. But they are a bit more than I would like to spend. Hopefully there's competition and smaller, castable cameras in the future.






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Koz, on page 397 of the new 2019 Bass Pro Shops catalog there are Aqua-Vu and Marcum underwater viewing systems you can read about and consider purchasing.


You can also go on the Internet to locate other manufacturers' underwater camera viewing systems.


The prices range from $150 to $700. I am sure you can find other alternatives in the marketplace and hopefully some in the $100 price range.


I have never used one but I bet it would be of great help to you to locate bottom structure and maybe, fish.


Check them out

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