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Rainy Tycoon Lake

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Was a nice day to go fishing - mid to upper 40s with a constant rain and water in the low to mid 40s.  lol


So I threw on my waders and boots and picked up a jacket at Hibbet Sports (found out it's not waterproof...).




Started out at the south dam and used the Deeper to see if I could spot any fishies.


It can auto-call out fish if you tell it to, and I told it to, so it was seeing fish - but I think they were false positives as it was seeing them less than 8ft away from me in 3ft of water that I couldn't see with my eyes.  And the lake is surprisingly clear - about 3-5ft visibility.






Then went to the north part of the lake and used the Deeper and tossed it around some lily pads or lotuses.  Pretty shallow up there and didn't see anything.




So I went to the fishing pier and got some bathymetric data for future planning - didn't see anything around it either.




As I was getting ready to leave, a Wildlife officer stopped by to see if I had any luck - told him no and showed him where I fished and my PB I caught up at Salt Fork.  He suggested farther back in the corner of the dam where these tree stumps are just below the surface for crappie and once I get a yak to fish the other side as the lake gets pretty pressured with anglers.  Most stick to the east side so I'm to try the North and West sides if possible.

Disappointed but I actually like being out in this kind of weather - just wish the jacket was waterproof!

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I'm thinking I'm going to head back here on Friday.  Supposed to be a front moving through with rain in the morning and a high in the low 60s.  Figure the rain that'll be coming the night before into the morning should warm up the lake a bit.  Winds SSW and S.  




Using the Navionics web viewer, I'm thinking of seeing if I can get to a few new spots.


It looks like the deepest part of the lake is right here.




What about trying to get back in that little bay with all the pads?  By now I figure they've died off - would I be likely to find anything back in there?

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