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Eric J

Need a new rod...

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Hey all... Was out fishing with a buddy today and caught a couple decent bass but my Lew's Carbon Fire Med Lt 6.8 spinning rod snapped midway between the top eyelet and the 2nd one down. Second time this model has done that.

That leaves me with one bass rod, a caster 7' Med Hvy. I have a 7' Med spinner on its way from Elysian but I'm looking for a 3rd rod. Any recommendations as to type? I don't need brands as I'm on staff with Elysian and that's the brand I'm obligated to use.


I'll be doing my first Kayak Bass Fishing Tournie series in 2019. Any suggestions on a 3rd rod?


Eric J

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MH/F casting (jigs, texas rigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, some swimbaits, etc)

M/M or MF [I prefer MF] casting (crankbaits of various kinds etc)

M/F spinning (weightless plastics, small texas rigs, etc)

ML/F or XF [I prefer F] spinning (dropshot, ned rig, various finesse)


* topwaters appropriate to size on any of the rods


^ that would be my bare bones arsenal of choice if I was limited and wanted to do darn near everything. So whatever you're lacking from that is what I would get. If you want to get even more bare bones than that you can axe the ML if you're in the south. If you're in the north I would axe the M spinning. But I wouldn't be happy without either. 

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