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Utilizing mapping tools

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Hey so I have google earth open on the computer and navoics open on the lake I’m trying to research. I’m just having trouble really navigating through these two things are there any tips?

the lake I’m looking at is twelve mile lake in Iowa
example on google earth I see a lot of white dots.....is this rock?
cant you adjust the year your looking at on google earth

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If you are using google earth and are looking at the 7/2016 image, I would tend to believe the white dots are not rocks, turning the date back to 9/2012 the water was significantly lower and those white dots are not present in the same locations.  Rocks tend to not move.  It may be buoys or maybe even birds on the pond surface.

The white dots on the 9/2012 image might be rocks (it would be a really widespread field or them) or possibly and more likely in my opinion, windblown whitecaps 


Older satellite images can be found by checking the Historical Images box under the View tab and then sliding the bar on the timeline.

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Yes there are plenty of rock piles in that lake (close to the bank).


Yes you look at historical images on google earth. It is a clock looking button with a green arrow to bring up the timeline and then you can scroll left and right to change the date.


PM me for more specific details about that lake.

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