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1/31/19 Lake Garcia, FL

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Decided I needed a therapy session. I've never fished Lake Garcia, so I figured I would give it a shot before MLF Championship happens this Sunday 2/3. 


Started 8AM

Ended 430PM


Air temp ~60

Water temp ~60



So I have never been to this lake before, and totally winged it. I started from the ramp making a right on the big motor, found I needed to go to the trolling motor REAL fast... it's about 0.5-1.5ft of water.... If you go here... stay to the left LOL


Worked my way out to better water punching, throwing swim jigs, chatterbait, MS Slammer, senko. Got to better looking water 3-4' scattered grass pads cattails. It took me 2 hours to get my 1st fish 2.5 lbs punching a mat w/ 1.5oz tungsten & BB Cricket and took another 3 hours to get my second fish 1.5 lb same punch setup. I tried a lot of different looking water and baits, but no luck.


Later in the day when I got sick of punching and fighting the wind I went to scattered pads tossing a swim jig w/ Havoc grass pig on the back. I was fishing scattered pads and got into them pretty good. No size all 1.5-2lb fish working the pads. I pulled in around 20 fish in 2 hours. No piggies to speak of, but happy something came together. 


I think it's only going to get better. I wouldn't be surprised if they pull in some good bags in the MLF championship, and if Hackney gets through to it he will be a contender for sure with working the mats.

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