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Any Native American Flute players/makers

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Making Native American Style flutes is my latest adventure, and I don't even know how to play them.  A couple of months ago I came across someone playing one made out of PVC pipe and thought that would be a great thing for the great grandkids.  Wouldn't cost a dollar to make one.  Well, it cost less than a dollar but my god at the research and knowledge required to get this far, and me being the anal perfectionist I am, I'm not going to do anything just OK.

I finally made my first wooden ones this past week.  First one from a pine 2x4 scrap laying under my boat and in key of F4, just to get the process figured out.  Then I made one from a piece of popular in G4.  It turned out looking pretty nice and sounded good so I broke out some walnut I've had for over 30 years.  That one really looks nice and plays nice, but a bit bright being walnut and key of F#4.  I've ordered Eastern Cedar to make some, It supposed to be more mellow than the walnut.  Both granddaughters have already laid claims to the Popular and Walnut ones.  All three of these were 7/8" bore and I've got one 1 1/8" bore out of a close grain pine in key of C4 but that one ain't playing so well.  First three lower notes are very weak and airy so that one has been a challenge, once it gets to the top three holes, it plays loud and clear.

I've been giving PVC flutes to anybody that would have one trying to get rid of those.  I made about 15 learning how to get them right, now I've just got to figure out what to do with those.

The other problem, I only have two granddaughters and two great granddaughters and will probably end up making dozens of the dang flutes perfecting the process, and I'm not doing this to sell them,  so I will have wood flutes coming out of my ears like the PVC ones.. 


UPDATE:  The block (bird) on top is traditionally held on with a piece of leather/rawhide that wraps around it and the flute and ties it on so my wife went shopping for some after church yesterday.  I have just been tying them on with boot lace until I could come up with some.   She came in with several different types of leather lacing and different kinds of beads she said she thought they needed.  I'm thinking Wow!, normally she show little or no interest in any of my little projects.  My granddaughter is there to get the walnut one and helping my wife put the beads and stuff on and my wife tells here, "there is a lot of interest on face book for it". ??????  I asked how did it get on face book?  She had posted a picture of it showing here friends how nice it looked and how good it sounded, and then goes into telling me how she thinks she can sell them.  I was shocked she even showed an interest, and come to find out, she had been practicing and learning how to play one.  She was not real happy when I told here if she was planning on trying to sell them, she had better get out there and learn how to make them, because I was not getting into that.

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