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Diascund Reservoir 3/10

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My first time on the lake. It’s only 40 minutes from my house. Why haven’t I gone sooner?! 


Anyway, the fishing was garbage. With the recent rains and the wind, it was gonna be tough no matter where I went. So why not scout some new water..? We put the kayaks in around noon. Wind had us seeking shelter behind the islands and points. The sonar marked fish at 19’-20’ almost everywhere adjacent to a bank. My buddy had one halfhearted tug dragging a football jig. 


The water was 46-47 degrees. I think that 19’ mark is probably the thermocline, which is why we consistently marked fish there and nowhere else. We did find a small sheltered cove with temps pushing 50 degrees. We focused there for a bit, but no luck. We tried everything; jigs, spoons and blades, jerkbaits, the kitchen sink... I marked some massive schools of bait near the rocky riprap on the other side of the first bridge, but no fish near it. 


After seeing the topography of that lake, the size, cover, and water condition, I can’t wait to get back out there again as it begins to warm these next few weeks. @Sam and @TravisVirginiaAngler let me know if you guys plan to get out there any time soon. Id love to share the water with you guys. 




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Yup. I wanted to try to ned, but it was just too windy. Next time!

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