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Good weekend bank fishing in SC

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I had landed some nice bass in the past few weeks, but the bite had been slow. Sometimes I'd fish for 90 minutes and only get one bit. I am just not of fan of slow, finesse fishing and tiny baits but I compromised a bit on Friday and Saturday. I put aside my baitcaster for the first time in a while, grabbed a medium rod with spinning real and fished some beetle spins for an hour after work on Friday and about three hours on Saturday. It paid off.


I caught a dink on my third or fourth cast on Friday and ended up catching 4 in 90 minutes with the best being just over 4 pounds. I'm still amazed when a decent size fish is taken down by a tiny beetle spin hook.


Even though I was having success I it was really windy (15-18 mph) so it was a pin throwing a tiny bait. My mind drifted and although I can't stand rap music, my brain was paraphrasing "Baby Got Back" (You know, the one that goes "I like big butts and I can not lie...") and I came up with this ditty:


I like big baits and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a guy shows up with an itty bitty bait
Fishin' it slow, he gotta wait
Open your box, pull out big
This ain't no teeny weeny ned rig

Baby got bass


Anyway.... Saturday with the beetle spin was pretty good as well and I landed a few more 4 pounders, a 2, a 3, and a few dinks. Then on Sunday I tried a few new lagoons and fished the beetle spin and - nothing. I figured I'd give the main lake in the community a try. They've tagged dozens of 8-12 pounders in there but because of the houses surrounding the lake there are few places to fish and no boats or watercraft are allowed. And unlike most lagoons that are only 8 feet deep, this one is 26 deep out in the middle, much too far out to cast.


The only bass I had caught there previously were under 3 pounds. Today I fished the back side of the lake but there's a ton of heavy vegetation along the bank so even if you cast over it, it would be hard to pull in a good sized fish over the vegetation. But I found a clear area under a tree and was able to cast parallel to the shore. But now I was using one of those $1 Wal Mart spinnerbaits and my trusty MH baitcaster. I landed a dink right away and on the very next cast my bait got hit hard. And this fish was a fighter. The water was stained and there was only 6 or 8 inches of visibility but I caught a glimpse of it and right away I'm thinking PB, maybe 8 or 9 pounds. This was easily the best fight of any bass I had caught before, and as I got it out of the water and up the bank I said "Whoa!" and then "No!" because it wasn't quite as big as I thought, but it had to be about 7 pounds. She was long and stout, but not fat or laden with eggs just yet. When I got her on the scale she was only 5+ pounds and that was a let down. I'm usually pretty good at judging the weight, but I was off all weekend. I may have to calibrate my scale this week.


I hit a few more lagoons and caught some nice 2 and 3 pounders, but the last catch of the day was interesting. Again, the water in this next lagoon was really murky and I had no luck with spinnerbaits, beetle spins, or chatterbaits so I brought out a Whopper Plopper 130. There was a small cove with the wind blowing into it, so made my first cast about 30 feet off shore parallel to the bank and with each cast I worked my way closer to shore. Along the shoreline itself was about 2 feet of algae and aquatic vegetation and sure enough as I skirted the edge something hit the Whopper Plopper, but there was no hookup. That's kind of odd because the trebles of the 130 usually stick a fish somewhere. Also, it looked to me like the fish went right back under the cover. So I casted by again and the same thing happened - no hookup. And a third time - strike but no hookup.


On my 4th pass the bass grabbed the lure, carried it under water away from the shore and let it go. Now I get it - guarding the nest. I still find it hard to believe he could carry that 130 without getting hooked somewhere. So I put a Havoc on a hook, tossed it back and WHAM - got him. It was big for a male, probably close to 3 pounds. I didn't weigh him because I didn't want to take him away from his duties for too long.


Overall, it was a really good weekend of fishing. The picture below is the 5 pounder that when I fought it I thought it weighed more.



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