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surgeon and other knot modification?

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On knots that have a forward facing tag end, I saw something recently that was interesting - passing the tag end back down the loop at the bottom, so it's more weedless and streamlined. Any downside to this, particularly on doubled line knots like fish-n-fool or berkely braid (which seems to have multiple names). 


And that got me wondering about whether I could do it on a surgeon knot, which I've started using (six turn) for braid to leader connections because the FG knot wasn't doing it for me because it was finicky at my skill level, and especially on 6lb leader. Plus it took too long to tie if I broke off on the water. Saltstrong seemed to think it was in the 80+% range, behind the FG and the alberto. Tried the improved surgeon which is even faster, but it was weak. Anyway... 

The one thing I don't like about it is how the tag end lays, even with adding a few overhand knots on the braid. Can I use the idea above on the surgeon knot, doing an extra wrap backwards with only the braid, so the casting end of the knot is a loop? I know the knot will be slightly bigger, but maybe it's worth it.


Asking here because maybe there's a missing part of my thinking on one or both of the above, and there's a bunch of really smart people around these parts. 


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