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First Bfl As Co... what is expected of me

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Im going to be fishing my first Bfl tournament as a Co angler the 27th of April up on Kerr lake. What is expected of me? I plan on bringing snacks and drinks to share with him, water, beef jerky, etc..

Should I offer him gas money/ money for food or other expenses. Im kind of torn because, A. Im not fishing against him I am simply riding with him and fishing my own division. B. He isn't taking me to my spots I'm following him, if he wants to make a 40 mile run thats his decision and im there for the ride. 

Maybe im taking this all wrong but to me when i take people on my boat when were fishing local tournaments I accept gas money, however we are a team in the local tournaments and I invite them on the boat with me, as for my boater he is signing up and paying extra to be in the boater division, this comes with the knowledge that you will have a co angler with you. 

Im not trying to sound as if i'm not willing to pay, I just didn't know if it was considered the norm.

Also my fishing gear should I just go over it the night before with him and talk to him about what i want to bring/what he thinks i should bring.

Or bring my general arsenal of rods (3-4) and my bag of tackle.

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Clarify with your boater any and all expectations, but these are good things to start with:

  • Be on time in the morning
  • Go to the bathroom before you get on the boat
  • Be able to pee off the back without getting the boat wet
  • 5 rods max
  • 1 medium sized bag of tackle
  • Don't cast in front of the console
  • Tell him if you can actually back his expensive boat safely. If you're not comfortable tell him instead of damaging his property or just looking stupid and starting the day badly.
  • IMHO $60 is good at the end of the day
  • Bring water not soda or anything that will stain or leave a sticky mess if you spill
  • No messy food
  • Do not bring any bait dyes
  • Clean up baits, line, etc as you go
  • Keep all your equipment organized as you go
  • Offer to clean the interior of the boat at the end of the day
  • Help put up any equipment
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