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Ballpark Frank

Need advice on refinishing/painting small glass boat.

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OK, now that my little boat is back, I have gotten hooked on it. It is alot of fun and cheaper than using my grandfather's Nitro. I already have my plans and hardware for decking and electronics, but first it needs painted or refinished. The boat is a circa 1970 12' Sears Ted Williams Gamefisher; fiberglass and semi-v. The paint is awful right now. The previous owner seems to have painted it with rustoleum and it is peeling and chipping. How do you repaint fiberglass? Do I sand it down? Will this affect the fiberglass? Any help will be appreciated.

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I used to have one of those. Powered it with a merc mk20 after adding a stout brace to the boats transom. Kept up with the skiers with a couple of kids on board.

Just sand the old paint off but be carefull not to go past the paint and into the f/g. You can buy some epoxy marine bottom paint and get a nice finish on it. Or if you don't have a marine store handy, I have used  epoxy appliance paint with good results. It is in a spray can and sells for about 6.50. It will take at least 5 cans to give adequate coverage on a 12 ft boat. So it is about the same price as a pint of epoxy marine paint.

I think the flotation for that boat was some foam in the seats. They were an important structural part of the boat so when you deck it, l recommend you leave the seats in. That will place the deck pretty high, like most bass boats, and it might be a little tippy. If you are planning to fish 2 off the boat, be sure you are good friends. Those trebble hooks go by pretty fast.  ;)

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