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Need a new charger

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Looking to get a new deep cycle charger since my current one seems to have failed after many years of faithful service.  My batteries come off the Jon and charge in the garage.

I'm leaning towards a Schumaker SS-120A-PE.


Can anyone recommend a better choice before I buy?

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Shumacher makes a long series of chargers and they are (in my opinion) pretty good chargers. I prefer one with an amp meter on the panel as it indicates bow well the battery is accepting a charge. Voltmeters, % of charge meters and LEDs do not provide that information. Over time you will notice what the 'normal charge sequence' is and as your batterys age, or if you charge a battery for a friend, you will know that to expect.

Perhaps the 12 amp charge rate will make a difference, but when charging overnight, it will not be noticed. Schumacher also has a charger that will give a 30 amp 'Boost charge'. This could be usefull if you are in a hurry, like you forgot to put the batt on the charger last night. It sells for 60 bucks. After a couple of hours on the 30 amp setting, switch to the normal charge setting to complete the charge process.

I would like to see a charger that is about 1/4 the size of todays chargers, one that is truley transportable. It should be possible to make a 10-25 amp 12v charger with all of the characteristics of the Shumacker chargers, and I would be glad to spend another 25 bucks to get one. Having designed several Off-Line swithching supplies, it seems like a task these guys could get done. Shucks I wouldn't care if they had a small fan in it.

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