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6 volt vers 12 volt

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I have a 1989 390v ranger bass boat 19 ft great boat just got it

have had some issues but working them out one by one

here is one I have gone throw a ton of your topics Its the battery question again

the TM has a 12 volt marine batt and the 2 six volts are for cranking should I reverse them and use the 2 trojon 6 volts for the TM and the 12 volt for cranking

or leave them alone

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If the marine battery is a deep discharge or deep cycle battery, leave it on the TM. This motor will draw a moderate amount of power all day long, and standard batterys do not do that very well.

The 6 volt Batts are probably cranking batterys and should be used for starting the motor. A cranking battery is designed to deliver a lot of current for a short period of time, and then be recharged by the alternator. Deep discharge batterys are always (?) labeled as such. If it doesn't say DD, then it is a cranking battery.

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Sweet it is a marine batt energizer brand deep cycle

thank you for the info thats helps no I can put it all back together the guy We bought it from had a rat problem it took 2 days to clean it out

what a mess

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