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Thank you and goodnight!

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After about a week straight of thunderstorms today was the first day in a while where it was safe to fish.  I was more than a little excited to get back out there and do some fishing after work. We've had about 5 inches of rain over the previous two days and the lagoons were a foot or so above normal, but I was jonesing to fish. I was in a really good mood as I headed out to to some of my favorite lagoons.


I parked my car near one of my favorite spots and said, "Hello" to a woman sitting with her dog in a nearby golf cart. She watched as I tied on a slashbait and as I made my first cast of the evening. I hit my mark exactly, worked the bait, and boom - landed a bass about 2 pounds on that first cast.


She clapped and was amazed (first cast and all) as I unhooked the fish and tossed him back. Then, seizing on a confluence of events which I will describe in a moment combined with my good mood I clipped my bait to my rod, headed back towards my car and said loudly, "My work here is done! Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, and good night!" She cracked up and asked why I was quitting. That's where the confluence of events comes in that made this a perfect opportunity for me to be goofy and have some fun.


Landing a fish on a first cast is always a thrill, but in this case it was actually a high percentage cast. The narrow end of the lagoon I was fishing has a large, concrete stormwater outlet and with the heavy rains of the past few days a current had formed as water flowed freely into the outlet. That means smaller bait fish will be inevitably be pulled into that area. At the same time, between the far side of the outlet and the bank the water was calm - the perfect area for a bass to ambush from and that's where my first cast hit the bullseye. This area I was fishing was only about 50 feet wide and 100 feet long before it opened into the larger port of the 20 acre lagoon and this narrow passage added to the current.


Now when I made that first cast, out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Big Gator (9-10 feet long) hanging out in the water just past this inlet over in the main body of the lagoon. Big Gator is a pain in my butt because he's not afraid of humans at all. If you're fishing he'll come within 20 or 30 feet of you and hang out waiting for a free meal. He's relentless and will not leave you alone. If you happen to hook a fish he gets really aggressive and will try and ****** your catch away. It's better not to tempt fate with him around.


So seeing Big Gator out there when I let that first cast go I knew he wasn't going to leave me alone. As soon as I hooked something he was guaranteed to close in and ruin the rest of my time fishing. So it was the perfect opportunity to make a one and done grand exit with an audience. Being in a goofy mood I couldn't resist. Hence my "Good night" spiel.


But when I approached my car to load my gear I let the woman know the real story of why I was packing up and that I couldn't resist having a bit of fun. Later I hit a few more lagoons and caught a couple of more fish, but nothing over two pounds. Still, it was good to get out there after all of those storms and have a little bit of fun.


Sometimes I just crack myself up.


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