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Replacing the Recoil Sprin

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The recoil spring for the pull start on my 4 horse evinrude broke and i am trying to replace it. I bought the part from napa today, i heard you only can put it in one way or it will break. any tips or information to do this would be greatly appreciated.



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Not knowing anything about that specific O/B, I think the folks that sold you the spring meant this. The springs usually break at either the starting loop in the spring, or at the end loop. These loops go over a post or thru a slot on the fixed (non-rotating) part of the motor, and the other end on the rotating part. It is very important that the replacement spring is wound in the same direction as the one that broke. If you get it backwards the new spring will break the first pull of the rope.

With the spring installed, note the direction that the rope is wound on the starter hub. Once the new spring is in place pull a couple of feet of starter rope out, putting the spring under tension. Then wind the rope on to the hub while keeping the spring under tension so that the completed assembly holds the pull handle against the motor housing. This last step is a bit of a pain depending on the designed of the starter system. You may have to remove the handle from the rope to feed it thru the hardware and around the hub. Take your time and have fun... :o

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