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Sometimes a blind hog . . .

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The outboard on my 24 year old Bass Tracker bit the dust. The boat is still in great shape so I went shopping for a new motor. The best deal I could find here in town was $4,895 for a two stroke 50 hp Mercury, using the old controls, plus about $200 for installation.

A dealer about 50 miles away told me he would sell me a new 2006 50 hp Mercury four stroke for $4,950, installed, and with new Mercury controls. The local dealers all told me that when I got there the guy would reneg on the deal and there was no way he could sell it at that price.

I took the boat to the dealer to have him install the motor and told him what the other dealers had told me. He insisted that he would sell it to me for what he quoted.

Several days later I got a call from him, "You know I told you I would sell you that four stroke for $4,950. I made you that offer because I had three of them in stock and needed to move them. Turns out I don't have one. I'll still honor the price, but it will be a 2008 and it will take a couple of weeks to get it.

"I will make you an offer, though. I'll sell you a new two stroke 50hp Mercury for $3,950, installed, and with new Mercury controls."

I could have held him to his offer on the four stroke, but the two stroke motor will last longer than the boat will, so I opted for the two stroke. SWMBO was tickled that I spent $1,000 less than she was planning on. I'm tickled to have power trim and tilt now.

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You are a lucky ole dawg!   :o

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