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Bass Pro Power Series Starting Batteries & Charging questions

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I just picked up a Starting Battery and Deep Cycle batter from Bass Pro over the weekend.  Went out Sunday and came home to recharge the batteries.  The Deep Cycle has traditional pop tops that you remove when charging - no issue.  The Starting Battery (XPS24M7) which is a Power Series 1000 has a plate on the top of the battery rather than pop caps.  I'm sitting there monkeying around with this thing trying to get the cap off and it finally occurs to me that it probably isn't meant to be removed.  Add insult to injury and I think I poked a hole in it with the screwdriver I was prying with.  I'm normally not this ignorant and destructive with things so I'm very disappointed that I think I ruined my battery. 


Before calling customer service and getting someone who just doesn't have a clue, I thought I'd check here to see if anyone has the batteries and can advise if the top cap is supposed to come off.


Additionally, I grabbed a Schumacher SC1304 charger for these batteries and the instructions are beyond lacking of detail.  I called customer service at Schumacher and according to them you should charge a wet cell lead acid Deep Cycle Battery as an AGM on 15A rather than on the STD setting on 3A or 15A alternately.  I assumed that AGM was for AGM batteries, and STD was for STD batteries whether Starting or DC.  So basically I'm learning here and disproving my understanding of what is and isn't.  Any help or insight is appreciated on both issues. 


Thanks - and btw I picked up a 16' Starcraft side console w/ a Johnson 35HP post my first introductory post.  Super stoked on that, but the battery thing has me confused.

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