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New guy say's hi and depthfinder question

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Hellow everyone, i have been lurking around here for a while now soaking up all of the great info. Thanks for the info.

My question is this, I bought a Humminbird 565 depfinder and am having problems with it.  When i am in clearer water it seems to work fine but if i get in muddy water it will only work in very shallow water under 2 feet deep.  Anything deeper and it just reads .6 feet and shows all black.  Do you think this is a Transducer problem or a problem with the unit itself?

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First, Welcome to the forum

Take the unit off of automatic

Turn the fish ID off

Check the depth settings. You may have them off

The unit should read perfectly reguardless of water color.

If you still have problems, let me know and I will work with you to get it straight

If the positive and negative wires are attached to the TM battery, disconnect them and hook to the cranking battery

Let me know.

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Yea i tried all of that on the water but nothing worked  >:).  The only time i could get any kind of reading was when i got out of the main lake which was very muddy and went up a small creek that was clear.  In the clear water it was about 5 feet deep and the depth finder seemed like it was working properly.  I know the depthfinder should work in the muddy water but there was clearly some kind of relationship between the depthfinder not working in the muddy water (can't see your hand in the water) and it working in the clear water.  I don't know but hopefully someone has had a similar experience and knows what the cause may be.  Any help is appreciated.

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