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console space question and a which boat would you choose?

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Hello guys.  We're going to be buying our first bass boat soon.  We've looked at a couple and they all seem to have a fairly small console for the driver.  I have long legs and a spare tire on my waist.  my question, is do some boat brands have larger consoles than others?  If so, what brand traditionally has the largest?

We're looking between a 1995 Ranger 362V and a 2001 Nitro NX750.  I have not tried the helm of the Ranger, but the Nitro was a pretty tight fit, although, probably manageable.

On an additional note; which boat would you guys rather purchase.

1) 2001 Nitro NX750 is very good shape, carpet needs cleaned is about it.  Has a 135 Merc Optimax with 96 hours.  43 lbs trolling motor.  Ski-tripod (semi-importatnt to me).  Everything works.  2 owners. Asking $10,000.  We're going to offer probably $8,000 if we decide on this boat.  Is it worth that much?

2) 1995 Ranger 362V in dang near immaculate condition.  Has a 150hp Yamaha Pro-V unknown hours.  50+lbs trolling motor.  Everything works.  3 owners.  Asking $9500.  Probably offer $8500 or $9000 if we decide on this boat.

I know Ranger's hold their resale value better, but we'd be the fourth owner and it's 6 years older than the Nitro.  I think the seller of the Nitro might be willing to go "down" more on the price just from talking to him a bit.  Oh, the Nitro also matches my tow vehicle. :)

Me and my dad (we're going in halves) are at a crossroad, he likes the Ranger, I like the Nitro.  Any suggestions?

Thanks guys!

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Just FYI, I've changed my mind on the Ranger.  After talking to local service center that works on both Mercs and Yamaha I have come to the conculsion that both the Pro-V and Optimax are very well built motors.   And teamed with the little bit bigger console, it looks like the Ranger is the boat my father and I will be pursuing...

Thanks for the people who took the time to view my thread.

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Good choice the Ranger is a much better boat.

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