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Prop magic in the Mist.

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I wrote a tribute to the best prop man ive found.

The Prop Dr. of Killen, AL

He pushes himself out of the rocking chair on the front porch and steps onto the butt of his cigarette. He snuffs the embers of the one last drag he took. He looks out across the mist. The barn is barely visible, but the steps are familiar.

Okay, okay, i have no idea what this guy is like. I do know that what he touches turns to gold.

I own two props: a Mercury Tempest, and a Mercury Tempest Plus. Now, generally the plus means better right? And my brand new Tempest Plus was better at the factory setting than my Tempest after it came back re-worked from Admiral over in Tampa.

When RJ over off of Olive said, "You've got to send it to the Prop Wizard in Alabama." I did. My Tempest @ factory cut hadn't worked well. Then when Admiral sent it back it was worse. I bought the new Tempest Plus and was satisfied. I was running 66 mph at 5800 rpm's and that seemed livable.

My hub slipped on the Plus.

I pulled out the Tempest. Untouched since The Alabama man had shipped it to me.

Somewhere around 69mph @ 5300 rpm's I layed it back down. I have never felt this boat chime walk. I have never been up on the pad. Not till now.

This man turned the lesser into the greater, and if you need prop work. I may give you his contact information, but only if i don't need to get in line first.


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