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Foot-Control Trolling Motor on a Sun Dolphin

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Being the poor high school student I am, the best form of a boat I could afford was a 1998 Sundolphin Sportsman.  It's 9' 6" and i'm not sure what width but from the times i've fished from it, it has been pretty stable.  

I bought it at the beggining of the summer and I have used it alot, but I've ran into a few problems.  I've found that it's really hard to fish and run the hand controlled trolling motor at the same time, and with this small of a boat it doesn't take much wind for it to really blow you around.  I decided that I would like to see if I could put a foot-control trolling motor on it.  I'd like some input from you guys on how well this would work, or if it would work at all.

I plan on upgrading into a 14' or 16' Jon Boat in a couple years once I get into college, and then after college, upgrading to a bigger bass boat such as a skeeter, ranger or triton.  If I do get a foot-controll motor for it, I would like it to be one that I could also use when I upgrade to the Jon Boat.


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the company that makes these boats made a block to mount to the boat that you can mount your tm to for the pro boat models, I think you could do the same for the sportsman.Or Motorguide now makes a transom mounted foot controlled tm. All you would have to do is spin the head around and it would work great on the front of your boat. they are a little pricy and wouldn't work on a bigger boat if and when you get one. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_97961_200002001_200000000_200002000_200-2-1

Here is a link to the mounting block I found, not sure if it would work for your boat but it would be a start. http://www.sundolphinboats.com/oz/4/com/fish/pro/pro.html

From the looks of it you could make a mount and carpet yourself if you are mechanically inclined.


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Look at the Big Foot motor switch and possibly an extension handle.  The switch will give you on/off power and the extension handle will allow you to bump steer with your leg.  It's not fancy but the cost is under $50 for the lot.  If you are on a real tight budget you can get the switch ($16) and fashion your own extension handle out of a piece of PVC and a fernco fitting (Home Depot).  Just slip on and off as you need it. Keep the motor set to the speed you want and then just click the power on and off.  

Hope that helps.  

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