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The Cabin Boat

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I just invested in a new to me boat to keep at our little lake so I don't have to continue to bring the nice champion down the dirt roads all the time ;)

He is an '84 Ozark with a e-rude 70 on the back. I just replaced the TM with a Minn Kota 55 (12V) that a guy won in a T. I took her for the maiden voyage this rainy weekend. She did great!

Two flaws -

1.) he is taking on water. I left my trailer in the water (private lake) and would fish for about an hour and then there would be quite a bit of water in the rear of the boat. I would load it and take it up the hill a bit (parked on an angle) so I could hopefully see where the water was coming out (the way it got in?). Couldn't get to the bottom of it? For now I am going to buy a big bilge pump and keep looking.

2.) the front deck on these '84s is small to say the least. I had a hard time using the TM pedal. It wouldn't sit flat because I had to have it jammed up against the front of the bow. I am thinking of getting an off-set seat post to move me back 5 to 6 inches. But don't know if that will solve the issue.

Not complaining :( Looking forward to working out the bugs. May even add to the deck someday. Here are a coupls pics. My son named it REX (not a girls name but can't argue with a 3 yr old)!

His new home at the cabin: will be adding a cover shortly



Here he is prior to the weekend sitting next the Champion in storage:


Also: We just completed our new dock!!! This is a great addition. We caught some catfish Saturday night while we played Backgammon and sipped a few :o


Shot of the lake:


Working this place into my little bass fishing Nirvana! Fished for about 2 hours on Saturday by myself. Caught 7 with the largest being 4.8lbs.

One more Pic. this is the rear of REX. I suspect the homemade the livewell is causing my problem. I shoved a stick in the hole (it's still in for this pic) but it didn't seem to stop the water from entering? :-?


Happy Releasing!


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If in fact you cannot find the leak it will probably be the transom. When they rot water will seap in in a thousand places. My old Skeeter did the same thing. We hunted for the leak for months and repaired everything we could think of. It stopped after $4,000.00 and a new transom. Hope this is not your case, but it sounds just like our problem. Good luck.  

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It could also be any of you lines that run water to and from your live well. I had a leaking problem where my boat would get about 1 1/2 inch of water in it, no matter how long it sat in the water. here the hose off the live well pump would leake just a little and as soon as the water rose above the pump it would stop leaking. took me all summer to figure that out

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