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1963 Glastron Fireflite, should i trade or not?

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a guy near by has a 1963 Glastron Fireflite with a trailer that he is wanting to trade for a metal detector i have, the boat looks ok on the outside from some pics i have seen, windshield is not broke and there is a steering wheel,  no motor, i don't know what the inside looks like as he didn't send any pics of the inside yet. trailer has an adjustable tounge and will need new lights, but tires are ok. does anyone know anything about these old boats and are they worth spending any cash to restore or should i pass on the deal? i know outboards that run good and are reliable are very expensive so that will be the most $ i will have to spend on it.

the metal detector i have is a radio shack discovery 1000, paid around $90 several years ago but it's still in new condition.

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Fiberglass boat restoration can become very expensive and time consuming.  Careful inspection of the floor and transom is critical.  If the floor has any soft spots, it will have to replaced and chances are the stringers will be rotted also.  If the floor and stringers are rotted, chances are the transom wood it rotted too.  Take a mallet with you and tap the transom.  If there is any hollow sound (especially towards the bottom), the transom wood will have to be replaced.  All this will require a fast education on working with fiberglass.

Now if the floor and transom are in good condition, most everything else is cosmetic....The boat will probably float safely.  

BTW...if the trailer is sound....that alone is worth more than the $90.00 you paid for the metal detector.

Good luck with it.

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i know the trailer is newer then the boat and from the pics looks to be in pretty decent shape, so even if the boat is junk i am sure i can resell the trailer for more then the $90 i have in the detector. there looks like some decent chrome parts on the boat i could take off and sell also, like the lights, horn, windshield trim & the windshield, steering wheel, etc. i might have some parts for sale on here in a few days.

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