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Want to sell my Suzuki DT40 for a 9.9hp outboard - need advice

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I just picked up a nice 14' skiff and the previous owner only used it once or twice in the bay. It has what appears to be a mid-80's Suzuki DT-40 outboard that from what I was told has approx. 15 hours on it (looks pretty new under the cover so i've got no reason to doubt that).

I can't find much info on these motors, but based on what i'm seeing other outboards going for, I think I could get around $1500 for the thing. Does that sound accurate?

I'm tight on cash and want to get this boat in the water asap, but i'm only going to be using it in local lakes and reservoirs so i've gotta get a 9.9hp outboard. Are there any recommendations I ought to follow when selecting a 9.9hp motor?

I'm new to fishing as well as boating, but I got hooked and now i'm just goin' nuts with it and can't wait to be fishing on my own boat.



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I seriously doubt you can get anywhere near $1500 for a twnty year old 40HP outboard. Around here, about $500 would be the max and that is taking into consideration the low hours.

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Any thoughts on a good 9hp I should look for in the $500 range?



There's an 1985 Nissan 8hp going for $800 on Ebay for example;  I'm seeing all sorts of older motors going for prices like this and that's where I came up with the $1500 guesstimate.

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