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In a recent article I read about bass boats, some top pros were polled asking them what they'd like to see in the way of innovations with boats. I believe it was Shaw Grigsby who said that he'd like to see a onboard cooling system for livewells. I found this product called Keep'em Cool last night that may do the trick. I'd like to know if anyone here has tried the product.

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I really don't know if we need this up here. I noticed your from NY and I'm from New England and it seems like it doesn't get hot enough around here to fry the fish in our live wells.. If I have some deep water smallies and it is warm out I just throw some ice in and they are fine. :-/

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Don't know about that product but Charger bass boats has had a recirculating livewell system on their boats for quite a few years that pumps water through copper tubing in the bottom of the ice chest.  Fill up the ice chest with ice, throw in your food and drinks and it serves a dual purpose.

Not sure how well a refrigeration system would work on a bass boat.  A compressor may draw too many amps for a typical motor battery.  

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