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Fixing up trailer first

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Bought this boat for $700 last Jan (2007), and with some certain legal issues has kept me at home more. So I decided to do some upgrading and repairs on the boat during this time. I decided first was to work on the trailer. It was getting some rush on on it and it needed a new fresh look.


right when I picked it up


starting to get some rust and old look



needed to be sanded and painted


old bunker carpet


replace bunker carpet


halfway primed


all primed but the springs and hubs area


fresh new paint


new paint adding a better look


before and after. I really think the white rims look better then black rims.

I think I did pretty good, even thou I'm not master painter and actually hate painting but it had to be done. Next is upgrading engine, rather upgrade engine then upgrade boat because I really like the floor layout is good for fishing, hanging out with friends, or taking camping gear to a island on the lake. Then I'm also going to reapaint the boat, but I'm not sure what colors yet. I may stick with the white and green, at least the bottom white, not sure if I want to stay with the green or what. I thought about black to go with black bunkers and rollers, but then my dad said then the boat may not stand out enough in the water and could be a safety issue and I should pick out a color other then black. Also black may bring more heat and during the summer it gets hot enough. Any color ideas?

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Swap the colors; but use a nice deep forest green. I know some people don't like white decks though.... but you could do black accents to really set it off, like on the console, etc...my $.02

Great job on the trailer and wheels BTW!

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