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New "to me" boat

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I just got a great deal on a 1984 Alumacraft T-14 with a trailer in great looking condition

Anyone have any experience with this boat.

The deal was so good I have not even put it in the water to see if it floats.

Single owner since purchased and gettng to old to get it in and out of the water so I trust that it does float

I plan on putting some plywood down in the floor for a flat surface.

The weight limit is 550lbs. Will two adults plus gear be to close to the limit?

thanks for you input

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Congrats on the new to you boat!  

You should be fine just putting in a floor. Post up some pictures if you can so we can get a better idea of your layout. :(

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I have a 1405 lowe, with a side console, floor, bench well, front hatch, trolling motor and mount, 50hp Merc (40lbs. heavier than suggested max of 40hp), usually a full cooler, and usually 3 dudes over 200 (self included). My boat is rated for a Max of 520 lbs. and I've never had a problem, not even in 3-6ft. waves. Horsepower and weight suggestions are just that. Water test it and make sure you have a minumum of 6" out of the water and you'll be fine.

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