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circuit breaker

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hey guys im going to be buying a new trolling motor the one i have on my boat now a 40lb thrust on a 17ft bass tracker just doesnt cut it. i cant even go anywhere in 10mph wind. so im going to buy a 55lb thrust. i was just wondering how the circuit breaker works and what its supposed to do? and is it easy to hook up? and what amp should i get thanks guys. and what circuit breaker do you guys suggest brand wise? thanks again.

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It protects you boat and trolling motor wiring just like a circuit beaker will keep your house from burning down due to an overload or short circuit. The 40A should be the correct size. If your boat does not already have one on the positive side of the trolling motor battery and a lower amp size on the accessory circuit of the starting battery, put one in each location.  

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It will make a big difference if you use a 12V or 24V motor. Most 12V motors will draw about 1 amp per pound of thrust. So your 55 lb thrust motor will draw over 50 amps at full throttle and the boat tied to a dock or stuck in weeds. That will surely blow the breaker.

A 24 volt motor will draw half as much (about 27 amps) and drop less voltage across the boat wiring. But you have to carry and charge another battery. Tough choice.

There are two types of breakers available. One is a manual reset, where you push a button on the breaker to reset it. The other is an auto reset that will reset after the internal element cools off. The coast guard recommends a manual reset.

If you plan to use the motor for trolling or lots of slow running, consider getting one with a continuously variable throttle (a Maximizer or Digital throttle). It will draw much less than half of the battery power at 1/4 throttle than the same motor with the 5 speed forward and 3 speed reverse throttle scheme. The cost diff is about 200 bucks, but the added run time may be worth it.

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Jerry Cooper of Cooper's Marine in Ashland, down the road from the new Bass Pro Shop, told me that the manual circuit breaker is the way to go and to avoid the automatic rest.

So I have put the manual breaker on mys trolling system and (knock on wood) I have not encountered any problems with my 67-pound thrust 24-volt system.

I am glad to hear someone else support what Jerry recommended.

Thanks for the great input!  ;)

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