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Jon Boat 1434 vs 1436

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I've finally got a couple a $$ saved up and the search for a 14' Jon Boat that I can fix up over the winter has begun. I've read over and over that wider is better for stability reasons which makes sense... I want to go fishing not swimming :-). So I've go it in my head that at a minimum I want to look for a 1436 boat. Daily I review Craig's List and see plenty of 1434's which I've been passing on. My question to the group is, will 2" in width make that big of a difference in stability? My plans are to build an electric only (well maybe a small gas on the lakes that will allow it) with raised platforms front and back. I figure 95% of the time it will just be me in the boat.

I'm paranoid that I'll shell out my boat money for a 34" only to wish I'd held out for that extra width. Is my waiting all for nothing or should I continue to wait for that 36" or wider to come along? Your advise would be much appreciated.


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Thanks guys... that's the reassurance that I needed to go ahead and wait for the perfect boat to come along. With the time change coming up in a couple weeks I won't be seeing daylight after work till spring time anyway. I think I am going to hold out for a 42" or 48" wide. Then I won't need to upgrade for years to come.


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