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Maybe it's just me, but are Lowrance units better than the Humminbirds just the fact that I see more people have Lowrance units on their boats than Humminbirds? I see alot more pros on tv & magazines using Lowrance as well as the local guys on the local lakes/rivers.  So, is Lowrance a better unit than the Humminbirds?

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The difference is the maps that are available.  I have a garmin and I wish I had bought a lowrance.  There are more choices and higher quality maps written for lowrance.

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The personally prefer lowrance. Although the SI that hummingbird offers would get a hard look. Wish lowrance would offer something similar. I believe its all personal preference for the most part along with what has already been mentioned.

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Funny you should ask your question.  The question makes the world go around.

Both the Lowrance and Hummingbirds are good units.  It depends on what features you want as to which one to purchase.

Brand recognition is a very strong impluse that advertisers know and play on, be it the size, color, feel, taste, smell, status,or what it does.

Just check out the soap powder boxes and you will find a brand for every type of person who washes their clothes, be it getting it white or if it smells good.

Look at the Ranger ads.  See what they are selling....the sizzle and not the steak.

So every person on this site has their own preference.  I like Lowrance, Shimano and All Star and Kistler rods.

Others like Abu and Flooger and BPS brands.

When in high school, we all had to wear the same name brand equipment or we were "different."  No matter what the item, it had to be the "same" as the other guys.

So check out the features you want on the Lowrance and Hummingbird web sites; check the units out at your local tackle store; and then decide.

And go with a little larger screen; a color screen; a few additional features so you can have them in the future.

All I can add is that if you include a satellite GPS you will never regret it.

The Bait Monkey awaits you.  ;D

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