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Any creative solutions for rodholders?

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Yeah, I know, buy some PVC, cut to length and put it out there. That is my primary plan but what I was curious about, is there anyone here who maybe came up with a creative, out of the box rig for rod holders? I have to add at least 4 to my Jon, but as I have put a lot of time and energy into customizing it, I would love to find some really non standard ways of doing these.

Also for those of you who have done these, what angle would you consider ideal for these to be at?One's out the back (for trolling) I usually see anywhere from 90 degrees all the way to 45 degrees. Ones out the side, usually are at about 60 degrees (very rough estimate).

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you can get a peice of 4" pvc or maybe 6" and slice a ring off about 4" wide. then cut that in half. notch on side deep enough to secure a rod and then drrill a hole through the other for the rods handle to sit in. small hole in the bottom of it for a wing bolt or toggle or whatever... and there you go...pretty kewl rod holder. if you make the mounting hole more of a slot.... you can adjust the angle on the fly.

let me find a picture....

alight i cant find one. ;D i know it works though... ive seen it... and ace hardware down here sold them for a bit...

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Like this one?


 Alot of guys use them for catfishing since they are cheap and really strong.  Another way to mount them is use a piece of threaded rod through the bottom and thread it into a treaded block of aluminum just like the driftwaster holders.  I also have a way of bending plain steal rod into fishing rod holders just like the driftmasters.  thread the bottom and they work great.  Let me know and i can post a how to for making them..


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yeah thats it gamefisher. i saw them on a buddies boat years back and thought it was great cause he inshore fished and there was no rell metal involved. well the stainless mounting of course. also is cheap cheap. most expensive thing is the stainless mounting.

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