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looking for livewells

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I am currently redoing a 14 foot flat bottom jon boat. I am modeling it after the new tracker crappie series with stick steering, but instead of having the on large livewell I want two put two smaller livewells in beside each seat. Do you know where i could find the smaller 7 or 8 gallon livewells, or would it be better to build them myself?

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Let me know wher eyou find them if you do. I had little luck finding them around here.

If you have the skill/patience, and time, I always like doing this stuff myself. I can get more for the money and a craftman who has a personal stake in the stuff working and looking well. I have seen a couple great thread here in the past on custom livewells.

I did mine myself but used a Walmart cooler and a portable aerator. The plus being, when I am home, I can just grab it by the handles, take it out of the boat and clean the fish, it is really exactly what I wanted.

Being a cooler, it holds temp very nicely but I cannot cool/warm at will. So, it is really not something I would rely on for a professional need but for a fishing redneck, works great for me.

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Have a friend that took the innerliner out of  two coleman 48 qt. coolers and installed under the homemade deck he built for his boat. He installed them just behind the sitting seats(As in a bass boat design). They fit very well and if I remember correctly, he used the insulation also as it allowed him to use either as a cooler whenever he wanted. He plumbed both with drains and areators, but kept them completely seperate. They drain well and I don't remember him having a problem keeping fish alive.

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