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Mike 12345

Trolling Motor question

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My boat currently has a hand - operated trolling motor on the bow,

which is making boat positioning and casting while trolling frustrating.  I am in the market for a used foot controlled unit.

My current trolling motor is a 12/24 V unit.  Do I understand correctly that while in 12V mode, it will draw from 1 battery, whereas in 24V mode, it will draw from 2 ?  Is that the case?

I would assume then, that I should replace it with a 12/24V model, correct?  If my logic is sound, going with only a 12V motor would eliminate the need for the second battery-

Any input is appreciated-


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In general you are correct.  24v assumes that you have the batteries wired in series (12+12=24).  You can still have two batteries to draw from on a 12v if the batteries are in parallel, allowing you to have extra battery storage for your 12v motor.  Whether or not you go to 24v is entirely up to you depending on your boat size, weight, and performance preferences.

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Ok, great.  So, If I have an 18ft fiberglass bass boat, fishing reservoirs (not heavy current), would a 24V provide better performance?

The batteries are in parrallel, so all other things being equal, is 24 better than 12?  Faster, more thrust?


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