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stratos 176xt

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I like mine, but don't TX fish and can pick my time to fish big waters also fits in my garage.

I'm sure some one else will chime in here.

I know this has been covered before so if you do a search I'm sure you'll have plenty of info to chew on.

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You can find video on youtube of the 176 in action with a 75hp motor.  Even with that engine there's still a lot of boat dragging through the water.  Couple that with a less than aggressive v-hull and you'll get wet along with being beaten pretty good in rough water.  Probably a great boat for lakes that aren't known to kick up.  Looks like a nice stable fishing platform.  

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I looked at a 176xt when I was in the market and I liked the price but I am happy that I stayed away.  The smaller motors that have to be used with this boat are put under a lot of strain and get bad mileage because of it, the hull is not that revolutionary and the boast needs more power to last a long time and get better fuel economy.

I bought a 1998 Skeeter SS90 and couldn't be happier.  It is about a foot shorter than the 176xt and runs great with a 90hp Yamaha.  I don't drag any water and the fuel economy is amazing.  I can get up to 50mph and it handles rough water pretty well for a 16' boat.  Plus it holds rods up to 8 feet.  Most manufacturers still make comparable boats if you want to go new.  Check out these (all in relatively the same price range as the 176xt):






In any boat under 18' I would not get a dual console as you will be very cramped and lose rod storage space.

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