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I've got a 14' 2-person ocean kayak ambush. It's real stable, but I want a little more room to make it more comfortable, so I'm thinking about installing some kind of seat to replace the unnecessarily big seat that the yak comes with. I was thinking about:

1. installing a small swivel seat. Maybe I can glue down some wood onto the floor of the yak, and then drill into that so I don't mess up the boat.

2. get a cooler as a seat that would fit perfectly into the spot I want it, and install it so that I can take out whenever I want to but when in use it will stay put and not move around (I never keep any kind of fish but it might be useful if I wanna stay on a good bite and keep the fish in it filled with water and then snap a pic later) . Then add a backrest.

here are some pix of the yak without the seat and the yak with the seat in it. the included seat takes up a lot of room, and i don't need the rod holders on it.



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This is a pic of someone elses, but it shows how half the seat just takes up space. This guy though I think created a hatch or something in his middle seat, which is another good idea since that part of the seat is real hollow and seems to have plenty of room to store tackle. Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas?


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