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finally gonna be on the water

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I finally got a boat, or should I say a project to fish from. I traded a 71 chevy truck for a 68 richline 14ft semi-v with a 1998 johnson 9.9 and a 40ft lb tm. Today I filled the boat full of water to check for leaks and found 3 rivets leaking and the seam where the gunwales meet the floor leaks in a bunch of spots. I plan on tightening up the rivets and the applying steelflex epoxy on the boat to solve the leaks at the seam. Here are pics when I brought it home and some more today. Also a rough sketch of how I plan to modify the boat.






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Here is todays pics and the sketch. As for the layou, I plan on a platform the same height as the bench is now, from the bow to the first bench. Then a raised floor between the two benches. And a platform from stern to about a foot in front of rear bench. In the diagram, I have the batteries under the rear platform extension. I'm not certain on the livewell. I would love a permanent one, but I don't want it higher than the platform. Also, I have positioned everything where it is with weight balance in mind. As always, I would love to hear suggestions and opinions.  Now for the color code:

red lines = 2x2s

red squares = 2x2 upright supports

blue line = 2x4 laying flat(provides more area for lids to sit on)

blue squares = 2x4 upright supports (provides support to a bigger area)

I think everything else is explained in the diagram. Let me know what you all think.






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Nice project, make sure she is water tight before you get into fabrication.  You will have plenty of fun on both the build and the use of it.

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