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New Genmar bass boat

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Has anyone been to the Minneapolis boat show to see the new FinCraft bass boats that Genmar is introducing?  I saw a picture of one of their walleye boats, but none of the bass boat.

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Genmar FinCraft press release

dated 1/5/2009

In a letter to Genmar Boat Dealers, Irwin Jacobs says Dear Friends: Back on September 24, 2008, I sent you an announcement that Genmar was seriously considering re-entering the aluminum boat business. What I didn't tell you at that time was that our VEC Technology engineers, in conjunction with the boat engineers at our VEC boat factory in Little Falls, Minnesota, have been working for quite some time on developing a new fiberglass boat that capitalizes on all the benefits of our patented VEC Technology and, at the same time, would be able to set a new higher standard in building the finest and most competitively-priced fiberglass boats for the entry-level fishing boat market. Although we've been working on this new VEC boat concept over the past year, we didn't expect to have the early break-through success we've recently experienced for possibly another year.

Today, I'm pleased to announce that we will be introducing Genmar's first 17-foot revolutionary VEC fiberglass entry-level fishing boat in time to ship to our dealers for their early 2009 spring selling season. Our plans are to unveil our first new 17-foot VEC fiberglass boat, called FinCraft, at the Minneapolis Boat Show in January 2009, and, it will be the first model in a new line of entry-level fiberglass fishing boats!

Now, here comes the best part of this announcement. This new 17-foot FinCraft boat will include as standard equipment a 50 HP two-stroke outboard engine, trailer (all other engine options are available), MinnKota trolling motor, Lowrance depth finder and will be very functionally-designed including a high-styled interior layout capable of fishing for five people. With all of that included, the nationally advertised selling price in the U.S. and Canada (the price in Canada will be adjusted to Canadian currency in exchange to the U.S. Dollar) will be $13,995, plus freight and prep. Additionally, we'll be offering a $1,000 introductory cash rebate (to be funded by both FinCraft and dealers) to the retail boat buying consumer during the winter and early spring shows.

This will put the price of the new FinCraft Boat at $1,000 to $3,000 less than what is presently being offered by any existing entry-level aluminum or fiberglass 17-foot boat companies offering the comparative equipment to what FinCraft will be offering as standard equipment. I believe that our new FinCraft 17-foot fiberglass boat, along with its standard features and incredibly low pricing, will bring in and keep many more people in family boating and fishing. We all know times are challenging and that people are truly looking for affordability and real value, that may also include downsizing as well as looking for an easy entry-level trailerable package. I believe the new 17-foot FinCraft boat is THE BEST VALUE THROUGHOUT THE BOATING INDUSTRY TODAY!

We're estimating that with a $3,000 down payment on the FinCraft Boat, the customers' payments will be as low as $136 per month!

Additionally, the new 17-foot FinCraft Boat manufactured with VEC will carry a stronger and more comprehensive warranty compared to all other aluminum and fibreglass entry-level boats - A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY THAT IS ALSO TRANSFERABLE TO THE SECOND OWNER!

It is our present intention to offer this new line of entry-level fishing boats to our existing Genmar dealers, who are currently servicing and offering entry-level aluminum and/or fibreglass fishing boats. Where we believe there isn't an existing Genmar dealer in the market that sells either entry-level aluminum or fiberglass fishing boats, we are planning on offering our new line of FinCraft entry-level fishing boats to existing successful Lund, Crestliner, Lowe, Tracker, Alumacraft and G3 boat dealers.

We truly do believe that our VEC and Little Falls boat company engineers have created a 21st century boating industry breakthrough that will ultimately replace the present entry-level aluminum and fiberglass boat products not only in the U.S. and Canada but for all of the other entry-level retail boat markets throughout the world. We're planning that by late spring or early summer of 2009, we'll also be offering our new VEC 17-foot FinCraft entry-level boat line to all of our Genmar International Dealers throughout the world.

Over the next several weeks we'll be sending out the literature and all the necessary information about our new revolutionary VEC 17-foot FinCraft fiberglass fishing boat. Obviously, with this announcement of launching our new FinCraft line of fibreglass entry-level fishing boats, Genmar won't be re-entering the aluminum boat business. Rather, it is our intention to capture the market share of the aluminum segment of the entry-level boating market segment with our new FinCraft line of boats.

My friends, over the past year, I've personally worked with our VEC Technology and boat company engineers in the development and design of our new line of FinCraft Boats. I can assure you that every one of us who played a part in developing, creating and designing the new VEC 17-foot FinCraft affordable entry-level fiberglass boat takes great pride in bringing this badly needed, affordable, new 21st century boat to the market.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Wishing you, your loved ones and coworkers a happy, healthy and (for sure) prosperous New Year in 2009! Take care.

Your friend,

Irwin L. Jacobs

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That press release is all I have seen about the boats.

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At least they're apparently still going to show the boat and start production.  Especially after the news the Stratos/Champion plant just laid off a goodly chunk of their workforce.

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From what I have read Genmar has a lot of functional duplication in its various plants.  I expect that they are taking this opportunity to consolidate some manufacturing processes for different boat lines under fewer roofs.  It's less politically painful to do it in bad economic times than when things are going well.

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