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Mike 12345

Console electrical issues-- can you help me troubleshoot?

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Hi folks-

On the dash of the single console of my boat, there are 2 banks of switches on either side of the wheel.  They are for lights, livewell pump and recirc, bilge pump, and then there is a knob for the indash flasher.

Of these switches, the lights are the only things that work.

Since it looks like I'm more likely to keep my boat another year or so, I'd like to get these things (bilge and livewell) working properly, for safety's ake if nothing else, troubleshooting from least expensive upward.

My first thoughts are to replace the fuses in the dash-  there are 2 5Amp fuses on either bank.  Beyond that,  what would be next to check, and how would I do it?

I'm relatively handy, but I have zero knowledge of electricty....

Any input is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Check the conections, at the swith, fuse, an finaly at the terminal destination. Make sure they are both tight an clean.

While you are checking the connections use a test light an see if there is power flow. (the ones that you touch the circuit an the light turns on.) make sure that the test light has a good ground.

Also what is the condition/s of the bilge an livewell. Where they working properly the last time you used them.

This should help trouble shoot 99.9 percent of it.

hope this helps.


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Memo, thanks for the tips-

As soon as it gets over 30* outside, I plan on checking your suggestions.  The weather has been horrible here for the last few weeks.

I'll post up what I can find out-  hopefully this weekend!


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The best tip is to get a trouble light or voltmeter and start checking the switches.  Each switch should be receiving 12 volts to one post whether it's on or off.  If you're getting nothing up to the switches you need to trace backwards.  You may have a master fuse blown or a wire that's broken loose.  Most manufacturers used orange or red wires as the main 12volt lines leading to each switch.  

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