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Best Fish Finder?

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Just bought an 02' Skeeter and it doesn't have a fish finder at the front of the boat.  I have one with GPS to put at the drivers seat, but need one for the front.

Was wondering how important everyone thought it was to have a nice graph $1,000 or so compared to one that cost 200-300.  It seems that as long as the graph shows depth, temp and structure/fish it would be ok.

Do graphs with wider views, or other special features that cost a lot more really help? Which graph would you reccommend, hopefully only between 100-300?  Thanks

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It all depends on how well you read a graph. Someone who knows the ins and outs of his $150 graph is alot better off then someone with limited knoledge of their $1,000 graph. If you want one that is easy to learn then you might want to get a color one.

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alot of people, most infact, have thier better DF at the steering wheel and cheeper one at the bow. I am differant. I put the better one on the TM up front. I use the bow mount DF 90% of the time and only use the other when running. I mean these are fishing boats, and that is what we do most of the time is fish, so wouldn't you want the better one where you will use it most?

I now run two of the same units one at the bow and the other at the wheel, both are Humminbirds so I got an interlink and everything I see on one I can see on the other

PS get a color DF. they are the best. you will hear guys say "you don'y need color" they have not tried it yet. Once you use a color unit you will never want to use a b/w one again

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