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BASS fisherman

My very first Lucky Craft lure

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Went to Dicks last week and they were having a sale on Lucky Craft pointer 78's.

Not having the money for one I passed them by with not more than a thought of "I wish I could afford one of them thar lures."

Well this week at our shop we had a few big jobs, and the money came in.  Today I went back to Dicks and got me a real Lucky Craft pointer 78 in Nishiki color. I wanted American shad, but all they had left was one in Nishiki.  

I finally paid more than 10 dollars for one lure.  I feel like I should hear angels sing when I open the package, which I have not done yet.   ;D

Now if I can just catch some bass with it.  >;)

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Guest avid

The pointer 78 is truly a great lure.

It's a suspending jerk, and the perfect size for most bass.

Nashiki is a great color so fish with confidence.

Do not forget to let that pause.  A sharp jerk and pause.  you can change the cadence but the pause is where the strike comes.

You will enjoy this bait.

good luck and have fun


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