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Southern AZ Springtime Fun


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Good Day All,

I had an opportunity to get in some goofing off time (recreational angling) out at Parker Canyon Lake (PCL) here in breezy and sunny Southern AZ. The temperature roller coaster ride has smoothed out a bit as we have been in the mid 80 F (27 C) for the daytime highs. Some have mentioned we seem to have bypassed the mild typical spring time weather and moving towards an early summer feel. Personally, I'm just happy to be able to goof off and catch fish any time of year. However, spring and fall are exceptional times for supporting that aspiration.


PCL did not disappoint and delivered plenty of multi-species fish catching fun. Currently the conditions are reasonable for the remaining stocked trout from our colder months. I managed to find several over 15 inches that wanted to play. Always a good time when you can find one of the larger trout, finding several is even more fun. Along with that search pattern I did manage to find several other species all in that sub 20 foot depth. The bluegills and shell crackers were very active and provided excellent entertainment opportunities. Of course the large mouth bass were out and ready to play too.


Focusing on that "recreational" aspect allows me freedom to simplify my angling equipment to a basic level. These days using ultra lite gear on four pound mono works well as it catches fish and I simply don't have to work that hard to accomplish my goal. It was interesting how aggressive the fish are. Screenshotfrom2023-04-2015-38-58.png.1adf685e7527c3543edec852b0cb5460.pngLooking at the associated image you can see the 1/32 oz jig that I use along with the small curly tailed grubs. The one that is attached to the line is the actual one used to catch a bunch of fish. Either by storage age or simply when the different colored plastics were extruded, I've experienced a number of tail separations with this particular brand / type of soft plastic. Still while it does happen it sure didn't make a difference in the catching quality. I will mention tossing about the tail separated grub appeared to have less aerodynamic drag. It also settled in the water faster to get down to the bottom. At least that is my impression.

Note also the worn color off the jig hook abraded from being in many fish jaws. A good thing!

Here is another good thing since this is Bass Resource!


Cheers to all the Bass Resource community members in promoting our sport and angling recreation. It is good to be "On-Line"! Be well, Cheers!



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Greetings and Happy Lunar New Year All,

A bit of a winter time update since we are in the middle of February. The region is in between storm systems and slightly above seasonal norms, yeah 69 F (20 C) for winter time. Also the winds were less than 15 mph  (24 kph) so it was comfortable to be out on the water. 


During the winter months the Arizona Game and Fish department stock the lake periodically. I guess I arrived just a few days after one of the recent stocking sessions. The trout were happy to play and it was great fun catching and releasing them. I stopped counting after reaching double digits. They were happy to pounce on anything you put in the water. I started with metal spoon type lures and that was great fun and all too easy with the cast, retrieve, catch, and release. The wobbly metal spoon couldn’t handle all the use as one of the hooks broke off. That is OK as I replaced the OE hook with a better one. 


The trout were not the only game in town with the warm temperatures. Tossing a few soft plastics about provided some slower but stronger fish catching. I managed to tease several  bass out of the dark areas.






Great fun on UL gear. Nice to find those in between catching trout. Yes, the trout enjoyed chomping on the seedless rigged worms too. The bite comparison is very different. Trout tend to peck at it much like pan fish. They usually don’t seem to commit to the bait on the first peck. This compels you to resist responding and simply wait for a full on bait attack before reacting. 


I got a full day of fun on the water working about 2/3 rds of the lake casually casting about here and there. A very enjoyable angling adventure. This was the second such quality adventure there in about a month’s span. A great time in the high desert lake. Be well, and Cheers!

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