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Michigan Bass Question


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I am relatively new to bass fishing and looking to verify whether I'm on the right track or not. I have been struggling to get bites this late into the summer,
so I've been focusing harder on pre-planning the areas I want to fish.
I've included a Navionics map that I have marked up with areas I think may be a good place to start.

Generally, I'm looking at Humps/steep drop offs, and docks near deep water. I've blacked out the map the best I could, however, if you're from this area you will know the lake.
My question is, am I on the right track? And if so, what lures would you be throwing?


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Yes you’re on the right track. I’m also a Michigan angler so I have a pretty good idea the types of lakes you’re fishing.  Sounds like you’re using electronics, so if that’s the case, start by graphing the areas that look good on your maps and see what you identify for cover or structure. I have found tapering and hard weed edges holding a ton of nice fish as well as little isolated patches of submerged weeds that are almost certainly overlooked. 

As for baits, what are you throwing? I struggled initially this summer but went back to basics and started having success with wacky worms thrown around hard weed lines and crankbaits moved over the top of and around isolated weeds and edges. Also the drop shot tied a few inches taller than the submerged weeds (so the bait sits just above the tops) has been very successful for all sizes of bass. Plenty of little guys but also some very nice ones for Michigan (2.5 pounds up to almost 4). Jigs and shaky heads are always a staple too depending on what they want. 

My electronics have been the make or break in identifying subtle pieces of cover - mostly weeds - that have produced. But admittedly I have had just as much success visibly identifying the tapering weed edges and working those with a wacky worm or a smaller paddle tailed swim bait. 

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Good choices on areas to fish, but depending on the scale of the map, they could be large areas.  Regardless, pick an area and treat it like a small lake, or big pond. Pick apart the structural changes, bottom transitions and cover with your electronics. When you find a spot with potential, sit on it and fish the entire water column with a horizontal presentation first, then a vertical one. Vary your retrieve speed/drop rate with those presentations and you'll either find fish, or eliminate the spot. The whole process can be done in half an hour. If you find/catch fish and the spot cools off, move to another similar spot on that small 'lake' and fish the depth and presentation that worked there. 

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