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One last outing this coming week-end and then it's time for me to put the boat in storage for the winter. Actually, I wish I had someplace to store it, but for it's entire life, it's sat in my driveway with a winter cover and the trailer up on jack stands. I know many of you that live where the water never freezes, so this isn't a concern, but for those that deal with their fishing holes iced over, When do you put your boat up for the winter?

I've been doing this for 50+years, so I don't think much of it, I just do it. I know there are first timers on here and I also know there was an article, or video on what you should do here, so I won't cover the basics, but if you'll be storing your boat outside, or inside there are a few things you may not think of that can cost you some big headaches when it's time to get her ready in the spring.

The first is the water in your livewell pump and possibly the bilge pump. Run some RV antifreeze through the lines to eliminate the possibility of water freezing in the cartridge. Don't close your storage lockers, leave them cracked open to allow ventilation.  You'll eliminate that nasty smell that comes from trapped moist air.  Critter proof under that tarp. Chewed up seats are a minor repair compared to wiring insulation being chewed on and exposing bare wires.  That problem may not come to light at first, but somewhere along the line, you'll hit some rough water and that bare wire will make itself known.  Moth balls, or coyote urine will deter mice, and small animals and the odor won't last but a day or so once the cover is off in the spring.


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