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A golden opportunity or more trouble than its worth

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Has anyone seen this? Am I off base when I say this doesn't make any sense? 

Don't get me wrong, there could be some new world records for folks that pursue that sort of thing. It would be very cool to see some of the members here on their quest. 

Here is a discussion with a couple of the biologists involved. 


So I have some questions and would like everyone's opinion. 

1- Who is paying for genetic testing?

2- Why would a NLMB caught in a northern state require genetic verification? 

3- Why would a FLMB caught in Texas not need genetic testing?

4- Why isn't there a NLMB category?

5- If the Perry bass is the actual size reported, does anyone believe it could be a hybrid?

6- Who thinks it was possible that a pure FLMB could be in that location during that time period?

7- Who thinks Manabu Kurita's bass was not a pure FLMB?

8- Does anyone know if there are anything but FLMB in Japan?

9- Why wouldn't the Kurita bass be the new FLMB WR?

10- Does anyone believe a hybrid can grow bigger than a pure FLMB?

11- The big title question. Is this a golden opportunity or just a pile of trouble?

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How will you know the difference between a true FLMB and one that shares FLMB DNA like the ones in Chickamauga?  Genetic testing would be the only way. 

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