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Reel Cleaning????

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Anyone know a good website that ha some basic information about cleaning Quantum reels? Any information would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Don't know of a website other than Reel Mechanic's to show you the way.

But, it's not hard. I've been doing mine for quite a while.

Step 1 Take the reel apart, all the way.

Step 2 Clean to remove all grease, oil, and other junk. I used to use Dawn dish soap. I now use Simple Green. It's easier to rinse off.

Step 3 re-assemble and lube; grease on the gears, oil for everything else.

Step 4 casting test. I leave the old line on the spool because sometimes I don't get everything back together exactly right, and the casting test will find that out before i get out on the water. This problem seems to be mainly with graphite framed reels. the all metal reels don't give me much of a problem when re-assembled.

Step 5 new line.

If you've never taken that particular reel apart, you should probably have the schematic on hand. You're gonna end with a lot of small parts. It can be very easy to forget where each one is supposed to go.

I dump everything in an old margarine tub with boiling water and Simple Green, swish it about for a while and let it soak. An old toothbrush is just fine for the stubborn stuff. A hot water rinse using a mesh tea stainer and an air dry is all it takes after that, though I sometimes help it along with a hair dryer. A buddy of mine uses an old ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, and claims that it works great. I haven't tried that, but if I ever find one at a garage sale, I'll be trying it out.

Good luck, and if you screw it up, Reel Mechanic can put it back together for you.

PM me if you get stuck, and maybe I can help over the phone. RM would be your best bet though.



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