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Setyr rod warranty service

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I broke my Setyr rod this past weekend. Utter stupidity on my part. Had a five on the line, thought I had him whipped, reached down to lip him right at the boat, and he found a bit more energy. I had to rod too high, and he snapped off about 6" from the tip. BUMMER!

So, I sent them an e-mail explaining what happened, that it was my fault, I don't remember exactly when I bought it, but it was more than 90 days, I don't have a receipt, and if there was a warranty card, I either lost it ot threw it away. I asked them what kind guides were on it, because I wanted to put on a new tip, and see if it would make a good jerkbait rod. Sent this out at about 8:00PM last night.

Got a reply early this morning. They said, " send it back, with a check for $25, to cover shipping, and they would send me a new one", the rods have a lifetime warranty.

I'm seriously impressed!!!

I'd urge anybody looking for a great stick to check out these rods. Very light and sensitive, made in the USA, slpit grip, no foregrip design, under $250, and a great, no questions asked warranty.

When I first used this rod, I wasn't sure that I liked it. It has a very soft tip, almost fiberglass like, without the weight. It transitions rather quickly into some serious backbone. I've never used a rod with action anything like this. But I got used to it, and it became one of my favorites. It's perfect for SwinSenkos, other small plastic swimbaits, and small cranks, even though it's called a spinnerbait model. ( model # SPB178M )

I just had to pass this along. An American company, doin' it right.



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I have eyeballed those rods quite a few times.  I like the look of the rods, just wasn't sure about their customer service.  Now I know!!!  Thanks for posting. ;)

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